CSA Workshare and Volunteer

CSA Workshare at One Woman Farm

  A workshare is a special arrangement between the farm and One Woman Farm CSA members who commit to and complete 40 hours of farm work OR 50 hours of farmers market help and in turn receive a $100.00 discount on their total membership cost. 

There are two types of workshare opportunities at OWF: the farm workshare and the East Liberty farmers market workshare.

The Farm Workshare:

  • a minimum of 40 hours 
  • tasks can include washing and packing produce, weeding, and transplanting at OWF.  
  • This is an excellent opportunity for One Woman Farm members who have an interest in gaining a greater understanding of where and how their food is created.  

The East Liberty Farmers Market Workshare:

  • takes place on Monday market from 2:30 - 6:30 pm
  • a minimum of 50 hours
  • tasks include assisting in setting up display, organizing and gathering OWF CSA members weekly farm share, making sales, and helping to tear down at the end of the market. 
  •  A sales people-person is best suited for the farmers market workshare.  

*If interested please contact Margaret for further details and workshare availability.*

"I never did anything on a farm before helping with the workshare.  I did a lot of weeding and I really liked eating the food that we helped with.  But, the best part was working with Margaret - she's really fun." 

                                       --William Arnold (14 years old)

"I joined OWF so that my family could try fresh vegetables that we had never eaten fore  and to expose my teenage son to a "farm" experience similiar to ones I had while growing up.  I chose a workshare because it was a great opportunity for my son to learn firsthand what it was like to your own food and to spend time working together.  It was worth every drop of sweat.  As a bonus, we learned more about CSAs and made a great new friend in Margaret.  We're looking forward to this year's produce and to weeding a few more rows of beets, kohlrabi, carrots, lettuce.."                      

                                       --Lori Liller Arnold

Volunteer Opportunities at One Woman Farm

Volunteer opportunities are granted on an individual basis to those with varying skills levels ranging from novice to seasoned farm volunteer who express a sincere interest in gaining hands-on work experience on a diversified farm.  If you are interested in volunteering at One Woman Farm, please feel free to contact Margaret.



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