Want to be an OWF CSA distribution site?

One Woman Farm is currently seeking arrangements with local churches, synagogues, and community recreation centers, or an exceptionally organized and social person's home as  NEW 2015 OWF CSA distribution locations!

  • One Woman Farm will deliver the weekly CSA vegetables in easily unpackable crates and will also supply all of the distribution materials for the season: tables, white boards, tableclothes, check lists, etc.  
  • It will be the responsibility of the distribution site to unpack and arrange the weekly vegetables on the provided tables for when OWF CSA members arrive to pickup.  
  • OWF CSA members will simply walk down the self-serve line and personally pick out the week's items.
  • The distribution host/facilitators need not arrange everyone's share for them!  
  • At the end of the scheduled pickup time, the host is responsible for stacking up the empty crates and breaking down tables.
  •  In exchange for the host's responsibility and commitment to the distribution location, s/he will receive a full OWF CSA vegetable share for the entire season  in addition to any and all leftover vegetable items that were not picked up.  The non-claimed items can be used at the host's home/facility, donated to a community member in need, etc..

This is the perfect opportunity to get involved with One Woman Farm and have OWF deliver to you! at your favorite place of worship, gathering, or recreation! Please contact the farm if you are interested in becoming involved with OWF! 



One Woman Farm is now accepting CSA members for the 2015 season! Sign Up Today to secure your membership with OWF!